Libre Graphics Meeting

Posted on: 01 January 1970
27 may 2021

I am going to do a short talk about Cascade at LGM 2021. 17:00 UTC+02:00

Symposium : Confinement, viralité et formes de vie

Posted on: 16 November 2020
26 november 2020

I am going to make a commented visit of (in french) for the symposium “Confinement, viralité et formes de vie” organised by Hortense Boulais-Ifrène, Pierre Cassou-Noguès, Arnaud Regnauld and Gwenola Wagon.

Déclin Séquence

Posted on: 01 October 2020
01 November 2020

Déclin Séquence is a version based composition made with CSS animations and transitions, developed each day of October 2020.

Come Closer!

Posted on: 07 October 2020
28 October 2020

I am glad to be part of the online group show Come Closer, curated by Anne Schwanz.

Posted on: 27 April 2020
30 May 2020

I am starting a new series of online works: one page a day until the end of the quarantine period.

The New Outside

Posted on: 29 April 2020
17 May 2020

I am part of the online group show The New Outside, on the online platform, curated by Constant Dullaart

[CANCELED] Never Ready Congress

Posted on: 06 February 2020
5 May 2020

I will be part of the congress “Never Ready”, invited by Christoph Knoth and Konrad Renner. From the 5th to the 7th of may 2020.

We=Link: Ten Easy Pieces

Posted on: 22 April 2020
30 april 2020

A Chronus Art Center Special Online Exhibition. Artists: Raphaël Bastide, Tega Brain & Sam Lavigne, JODI, LI Weiyi, Evan Roth, Slime Engine, Helmut Smits, XU Wenkai (aka aaajiao), Yangachi and YE Funa, Curated by ZHANG Ga. in Libération

Posted on: 10 April 2020
20 april 2020

A nice article about my project has been published in the french national newspaper Libération.

[CANCELED] Workshop “Creating with the web today” at Merz Academie

Posted on: 06 February 2020
20 April 2020

I will give a workshop at the Merz Academie, Stuttgart, invited by Olia Lialina.

[CANCELED] Workshop Beaux Arts de Paris

Posted on: 06 February 2020
24 March 2020

I will give a second workshop at the Beaux Arts de Paris, about the installation of digital art piece with Raspberry Pi URL installation for Transmediale Vorspiel Opening at Acud Macht Neu

Posted on: 02 January 2020
17 January 2020

With, 17 January 2020 | open from 3 – 11 pm during Vorspiel Opening | Location: Veteranenstrasse 21 10119 Berlin - from 15:00 ~ 19:00

Presentation at Rinomina (Paris)

Posted on: 09 December 2019
19 december 2019

Rinomina will host the closing event of my project Presentation and projection of the work. December the 19th, 7pm at Rinomina 23, rue du Petit-Musc 75004 Paris, FR

Posted on: 16 November 2019
16 december 2019

I am starting a series of online works: one page a day for 30 days. It is called The project begins november 16th

Workshop Beaux Arts de Paris

Posted on: 06 November 2019
26 November 2019

I will give a workshop at the Beaux Arts de Paris, about the installation of digital art piece with Raspberry Pi

Multiple Art Days 2019

Posted on: 14 August 2019
6 September 2019

I’ll be part a round table organized by at the Paris Multiple Art Days opening

Fanzine Festival 2019

Posted on: 22 May 2019
22 june 2019

I will show and sell some stuff at the cool Fanzine Festival in Montreuil from 22 to 23 june

Each Page A Function

Posted on: 10 May 2019
10 may 2019

You can buy my zine Each Page A Fuction on the website of LeMégot

Grrrls Tech Zine Fair

Posted on: 10 April 2019
29 april 2019

I will show and sell some stuff at this Tech Zine Fair at Gaité Lyrique in Paris - 20th of april

Ways of Connecting

Posted on: 01 April 2019
24 april 2019

Renaming The Web will be exhibited at iMAL, Brussels, from april 24 to may 10.

Please Trespass

Posted on: 01 February 2019
27 february 2019

I am going to talk about my last piece FacSeq Player (Alpha) at 19 Coté Cours, from 7pm - 19, rue Marc Seguin, 75018 Paris

Please Trespass

Posted on: 01 January 2019
22 february 2019

I will exhibit a new piece “FacSeq Player (Alpha)” at “Please Trespass - This is not a private property”. @ 19 Coté Cours, Paris 18.

L'Amicale des Télécoms at Gaité Lyrique

Posted on: 01 November 2018
2 december 2018

I will talk about my P2P web projects and speculate on decentralised Networks during this event part of Persona Non Data.

Reclaim the web! at iMAL

Posted on: 01 September 2018
24 october 2018

I will talk about the dat protocol, Beaker Browser and my P2P web based projects at iMAL the 24 of october. I will also give a workshop “Publish on the P2P web”.

Radical Networks

Posted on: 10 September 2018
19 october 2018

I will talk about Floating Swarm, a P2P web surf club at Radical Networks, Berlin. October 19-21, 2018 Berlin, Germany

Guest Professor at HfG

Posted on: 01 August 2018
1 october 2018

I have been invited to teach at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG) during 5 months.

At Glassbox

Posted on: 20 June 2018
1 july 2018

I’ll work at Glassbox in Paris during the month of July. Come say Hi!

Residency at La Générale: Void Instrument

Posted on: 30 April 2018
11 june 2018

11 to 23 june, I will colaborate with Alexandre Contini during a residency at La Générale (Paris) to work on a digital acoustic instrument.

Colloque au château de Cerisy

Posted on: 10 April 2018
21 may 2018

I will give a talk about internet Surf Clubs and pedagogy during the Colloque Art, littérature et réseaux sociaux at the castle of Cerisy.


Posted on: 01 April 2018
10 may 2018

I am showing a work in Saint Briac, FR, in a new space called Buzugh, from the 10th to the 13th of may.

Exhibition at Rinomina

Posted on: 04 January 2018
3 may 2018

I exhibit a piece in the wonderful Rinomina space in Paris, together with Louise Drulhe. Contact me to book a visit from the 3rd to the 17th may.

Teacher at Parsons Paris

Posted on: 01 January 2018
1 january 2018

I am teaching Web for Art at Parsons Paris since January 2018.

Conditions Of Groove

Posted on: 01 October 2017
3 november 2017

Solo show at 22 Rue Muller in Paris. Opening on the 3rd of November 6pm. November 7th: 7pm Talk of Félix Lambert “Writing in loop: unpredictability and aesthetics of cyclical narrative systems”. November 8th: 7pm Talk of Julien Gargot “The time of Git: Introducing a version management system and its temporalities.” 8:30pm performance of Raphaël Bastide “Conditions of Groove”. Check the link for details.

PrePostPrint @ La Gaîté Lyrique

Posted on: 02 September 2017
21 october 2017

PrePostPrint was invited for two days to the Gaîté Lyrique (3 bis rue Papin 75003 PARIS) on 20 and 21 October 2017.

PrePostPrint @ Parsons Paris

Posted on: 01 April 2018
6 april 2017

April 6-7: Workshop dedicated to alternative publishing systems at Parsons Paris during R3frag. Come to say Hi!

Timelines interview

Posted on: 02 March 2017
2 february 2017

A video about my project Timelines is online.


Posted on: 01 January 2017
1 january 2017

I am on Mastodon (open source / decentralised alternative to twitter). Follow me!


Posted on: 01 December 2016
20 december 2016

The documentation of my recent project Huxtable is online.


Posted on: 01 October 2016
1 december 2016

Group exhibition from 1.12.16 to 11-12-16. At IPN - 30 rue des jumeaux, 31200 Toulouse, FR

An Exhibition Of Artists That Have Unfollowed Me

Posted on: 02 October 2016
29 october 2016

Group exhibition curated by Matthew Britton. from 29th October to the 23rd of November in Berlin.

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