Festival non-étoile

Posted on: 01 January 1970
6 july 2024

Algofolk at 4PM in the Tour Orion, Montreuil, for Festival Non-étoile. RSVP here: https://nonetoile.fr/inscription-event/.


Montreuil: 90 seconds to midnight

Posted on: 01 January 1970
6 june 2024

I will perform an ambient set for the vernissage of 90 seconds to midnight at 7:30pm in the Tour Orion, Montreuil. Curation Ana Bujošević. RSVP here: https://nonetoile.fr/inscription-event/.


Rennes, FR: Libre Graphics Meeting

Posted on: 01 January 1970
9 may 2024

I’ll play at Libre Graphics Meeting 2024 in Rennes.


Lyon, FR: Algorave @ grrrnd zero

Posted on: 01 January 1970
27 april 2024

Performing for the great algorave at Grrrnd Zero, Vaulx-en-Velin (~Lyon), details TBA


Paris, FR: Live Coding Study Day

Posted on: 01 January 1970
23 april 2024

I am part of this Live Coding Seminar organized by Raphaël Forment, Agathe Herrou, and Rémi Georges. That will take place at Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Paris Nord de Saint-Denis.


Barcelona, ES: VIU 2024

Posted on: 01 January 1970
17 april 2024

I will play at the Barcelona annual live coding meeting. Venue TBA


Amiens, FR: Traces:undefined

Posted on: 01 January 1970
10 april 2024

I am doing a presentation and I will also live code in Amiens (FR). Details to come.


Performing at Future Off, Angoulême

Posted on: 01 January 1970
25 january 2024

I will perform my algofolk set at Future Off in Angoulême, FR. 11PM at La Baraka, 12 rue Montmoreau, 16000 Angoulême.


Zone live at Armony, Montreuil

Posted on: 01 January 1970
20 december 2023

I am playing with my band ZONE on the 20th of december at Armony in Montreuil, FR. We will share the night with Traumpunkt.


Salon des Éditions Sauvages

Posted on: 01 January 1970
9 december 2023

I will sell fanzines posters at Salon des éditions sauvages, Aubervilliers, FR.


Live coding for Mouvement Magazine

Posted on: 01 January 1970
4 november 2023

The french magazine Mouvement invited me to play live. From 4PM at Mains d’Œuvres, 1 rue Charles Garnier 93400 Saint-Ouen.


Broken Channels (Fanfare)

Posted on: 01 January 1970
13 october 2023

I will talk a bit about été and perform live coding at Fanfare, Amsterdam, during Broken Channels.


Release of my cassette: été demo

Posted on: 01 January 1970
30 june 2023

My cassette été demo is available on Bandcamp it’s 100% live coded spontaneous web audio grooves and textures… Thanks to the world best live coding label Ordinateur dans la tête .



Posted on: 01 January 1970
23 june 2023

I will perform at Coëtchella festival, in french Britany.


Broken Impro

Posted on: 01 January 1970
31 may 2023

See you at Chair De Poule bar (141 Rue St Maur 75011 Paris) for a BrokenImpro night where I will sing and live code my new project with été.


Open Open

Posted on: 01 January 1970
11 may 2023

I will play and talk about live coding together with Raphaël Forment, at Open Open in Cambrai.


Algorave @ Grrrnd Zero

Posted on: 01 January 1970
8 april 2023

I will play at this crazy algorave. See you there people.


Radio talk & demo on stationstation

Posted on: 01 January 1970
27 march 2023

I will talk and make some demos of été for Cyberflemme, the show of azertype broadcasted on stationstation. Tune in from 8PM to 9PM.



Posted on: 01 January 1970
14 february 2023

I am playing live with été 10:30PM at Vanilla Café, 48 Rue André Joineau, 93310 Le Pré-Saint-Gervais. See you there!


The last AA (track release)

Posted on: 01 January 1970
13 february 2023

My first track on Bandcamp is out! It’s called The last AA and it’s a 48 minutes live improvisation on two vintage keyboards, recorded at Modulation 2022, Mijanès, FR.


Champignons de Paris

Posted on: 01 January 1970
12 january 2023

fungal.page is shown during the exhibition “Champignons de Paris” taking place in Annecy, FR, from the 12/01 to the 31/03.


while (tech) do {art}

Posted on: 01 January 1970
27 november 2022

Some of my work will be shown at while (tech) do {art}, a collective and a culture fair for art, writing, new media, and DIY projects about technology. It takes place in Bangalore International Centre in India.


Internet borders at Le Sample

Posted on: 01 January 1970
18 november 2022

I am going to play with my live coding program été to close a hackaton and lecture day about censored Internet. It will be a shared gig ~8PM.



Posted on: 01 January 1970
28 september 2022

After an invitation by Hato Press to make a zine, I decided to pay tribute to the most amazing website ever: Wikipedia. Visit fungal.page, the type specimen, or buy the fanzine here


Where Fears Hide

Posted on: 01 January 1970
28 july 2022

I am very happy to release the project Where Fears Hide, the map of our fears.


Interview in Behind The Screens

Posted on: 01 January 1970
20 may 2022

I had the pleasure to answer some questions for Behind The Screens, about intuition, languages, instruments, live coding…


Sleng Teng Modulator

Posted on: 01 January 1970
30 march 2022

I made a Sleng Teng Modulator


Algorave 10th Birthday Party

Posted on: 01 January 1970
20 march 2022

A 10 minutes live stream for the 10th birthday of Algorave, with Cascade, obviously. 11:20 Paris time.


Algorave @ Grrrnd Zero

Posted on: 01 January 1970
5 march 2022

Performing for an algorave at Grrrnd Zero, Vaulx-en-Velin (~Lyon)


NØ LAB : Montre-moi ton code at Gaîté Lyrique

Posted on: 01 January 1970
20 january 2022

I am talking about performed coding, live-coding and Cascade at Gaîté Lyrique.


[CANCELED] Operate - live coding party

Posted on: 01 January 1970
11 december 2021

I will be performing at this party I co-organize in Montreuil, France. Join us to enjoy a variety of performers and styles!


Iterations - Creative Coding Symposium

Posted on: 01 January 1970
27 november 2021

I am happy to participate to Iterations to show Cascade among other projects.


Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces

Posted on: 01 January 1970
23 november 2021

I have been selected to give a lighting talk at Hybrid Live Coding Interfaces.


Piksel Festival

Posted on: 01 January 1970
20 november 2021

I will introduce and perform Cascade online for the Piksel Festival in Norway. The performance will be at 11:20 PM.


Performing Cascade at Zorba Paris

Posted on: 01 January 1970
15 october 2021

I will perform at Zorba Paris (8PM) sharing the scene with other live-coders.

Fragile Forge

Posted on: 01 January 1970
2 october 2021

I gathered my tools instruments etc. on this page: Fragile Forge. It is all open source. Have a look!

Station flottante / Cascade

Posted on: 01 January 1970
16 july 2021

I’ll perform Cascade live during the Festival Bellastock, from the Urban Boat. ~6PM.


End of residency Filature du Mazel

Posted on: 01 January 1970
27 june 2021

If you are around the French Cévennes, come to say hi on the 27 of june at 4pm, I will show what I have done during one month residency at Filature du Mazel. Chapelle de Villeméjane, 30570 Valleraugue.

Residency at La Filature du Mazel

Posted on: 01 January 1970
01 june 2021

I will work during one month in the beautiful Cévennes on sound and instruments. Pass by if you are around!


Cascade workshop

Posted on: 01 January 1970
18 may 2021

I am giving a 3 days worskhop on Cascade (livecoding with CSS) at ensba, Beaux Arts de Paris for the students there. Public workshops will be planned soon!